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Copy sprite and animation


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What if i want to take a sprite animation i have made and want to copy it and paste it inside the same spriter file.  Such as if i animate a wing flapping can i copy it and paste a new one just flipping it around to make it look right? Or will i have to animate it for the number of wings i have?

I have looked for an answer to this off and on for two weeks so i thought i would ask here since i have had no luck.

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You have several options available. But probably you can do it in many ways, this is how I see it.

-You can clone an animation, so you get an exact replica of the original where you can apply changes, like setting the Xscale to -1 to have an object flipped in horizontal but in another animation (the new cloned one).

-After doing an animation with a bone and an image, lets say you have a wing attached to a bone, you could duplicate that bone and image object to be flipped and have the same animation as its counterpart. This applies on the same anim (no cloning). In this case there is the possibility of having to manually adjust a bit (like everything).

-There is an option called rotate clones or something like that that duplicates objects in a rotation, but have never used it.


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