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Fast graphics in VS C++

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I'm Alex, I've written a game in Fire Monkey and currently I export stop-motion animations from Spriter.

Using C++ API might give extra options like switching bodyparts, clothes and tools on the fly. So as one option I'm considering rewriting my game in Visual Studio's C++

Before going for it, I need to be sure there is fast graphics in VS C++ because Spriter animations is not everything - there are also some cutscene and story-telling tools. For example, Fire Monkey's classes are platform independent and use whatever graphics acceleration is available - a simple Bitmap.LoadFromFile changes entire full screen background with a few dozens of images on top of it at 20 fps. I searched for fast graphics in VS C++ on the web - and it seems there is no straight answer. How do I approach it in VS C++ or rather where should I look for and what I should search?

I have several years experience in Visual Studio and in standard C++, but not in graphics.

Thanks for advice!

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