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Spriter2Unity Animation Glitch


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What I am using:

  1. Spriter Pro
  2. Unity2Spriter Plugin
  3. Unity 5


Steps to replicate The Problem:

  1. play Unity Game
  2. play animation 1
  3. before animation 1 is completed, play animation 2 using the same exported spriter Game Object
  4. the next time you play animation 1, it will transit into a wrong position and rotation on the last frame
  5. Additional Info: the wrong position and rotation is relative to when you interrupt animation 1


To illustrate the glitch better, this is a workaround I found:


The workaround suggested by Alparra works.

However, it is quite tedious to execute, and the worst part is, each time you have an update for the sprite gameObject, you have to go through the stops for individual bone all over again.


Do let me know the proper solution to the glitch. Thanks.

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