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IK results not what I expected


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Hello! I've purchased Spriter Pro and have been enjoying figuring stuff out. In order to expedite the process I decided to grab some of my favorite sprites from old games and try re-creating some animations. But I hit a snag with the IK. I set up a character in a "standing" pose and figured I'd try using the IK to make him bounce or crouch or something. I set both his toe and lower leg bones to be anchored, and started fiddling by dragging the character around by his "root" (a bone I added just to serve as a "handle" for the whole character). It seemed to work great! So I set some key frames and then when I watch the animation preview, and the results are not what I expected. I made a video:

My capture wouldn't do the whole window, but you can see me setting up the anchors here, then setting the pose, and at about 35 seconds in the animation preview begins and you can see him doing the wrong thing, feet sinking below the origin line, front leg rotating up, etc.  I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong in the way I set this up, but no idea what it is. I've also attached a screen shot and my zipped up project file if that helps anyone spot what I have set up wrong.

Thanks for your help! (And for the cool software!)



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