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Linux installation


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I'm having glibc version issues. There's a post with links to legacy Spriter builds, but none specify a jump from 2.13 to 2.14 [assuming 2.13 is used at all].

I've installed/uninstalled backwards from the recent build to R3(64). I didn't get libc conflict messages with R3(64), but a brand new one saying libMagickCore.so.4 is missing. ...oddly enough, so.5 is included in the R3(64).tar.

I'd have purchased the full Spriter Linux version long ago if it was guaranteed to work. This seems like the app I'm looking for, but not worth much more effort.

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Didn't want to upgrade my Linux distro, but really wanted to try this software. After the update [primarily of the libc], Spriter ran as expected.

As far as "installing", download, move or copy the Spriter_free.tar.gz to where you'd like it installed and...

tar -zxvf Spriter_free.tar.gz

Navigate to the directory that was decompressed and...


You'll have to manually add it to the Menu or link it, or whatever....

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