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Advice/help for implementing SpriterPlusPlus in a DirectX based application

Alejandro Ramirez

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So some days ago I started experimenting and trying to get the hang of SpriterPlusPlus. I have now been given the monumental task of implementing this into an application that uses directx to handle rendering.

So to my understanding, the idea behind implementing SpriterPlusPlus into code is to extend ObjectFactory and FileFactory? I guess what I don't understand is how this causes the rendering of sprites?

Has anyone else tried to do this yet?

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The engine I am rendering in is based on DirectX. Even if they are some abstraction layers in between, it is working the same.

Look at the smfl example which handles what you basically need. In the renderSprite function (yourEngineimagefile.cpp), it is where you need to put your dedicated Directx rendering code. That's all about rendering itself.

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