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  1. Thanks a bunch! I think that about does it for me and my understanding of spriterplusplus implimentation. Greatly appreciated!
  2. I am working around with metadata in spriterplusplus in the hopes that I can alter rendering style based on a variable inlaid into spritermodels. This is my code thus far: SpriterEngine::Variable *myIdentity = new SpriterEngine::Variable("myId", SpriterEngine::Variable::VariableType::VARIABLETYPE_INT); myIdentity->getDefaultValue()->setIntValue(1); Avatar->getVariables()->pushBackVariable(myIdentity); std::cout<<Avatar->getIntValue("myId")<<"\n"; However, what I get back is a 0 when I was expecting a 1. If this worked my hopes would have been to do something like this in the render code: void SfmlImageFile::renderSprite(UniversalObjectInterface * spriteInfo) { if (spriteInfo->getIntValue("myId") == 1){ //... } else { //... } Can anyone offer insight into my dilemma?
  3. So some days ago I started experimenting and trying to get the hang of SpriterPlusPlus. I have now been given the monumental task of implementing this into an application that uses directx to handle rendering. So to my understanding, the idea behind implementing SpriterPlusPlus into code is to extend ObjectFactory and FileFactory? I guess what I don't understand is how this causes the rendering of sprites? Has anyone else tried to do this yet?
  4. Hello BrashAdmin, Pixel perfection is less a necessity and more just a desirable option. I like being able to look at a box and know exactly its size pixel-wise. Also, while I see the object properties window, it doesn't really help me with my desire to be able to set the pivot point of a box automatically to the center. Like you can sprite images. Thanks for the response!
  5. So I guess I'm not even sure if this is possible, but is there a means of being able to adjust the height and width of a box not by reshaping it in the editor, but by adjusting some parameters in a menu somewhere. I want to be able to perfectly say a box is 30x30 for example and I don't think I'll be satisfied just eyeballing it in the editor. The same goes for the pivot point. With the sprites in the folder menu you can perfectly place the pivot points, however I can't seem to find any such option for boxes made in the editor. How do you do that?
  6. So if I move the pivot on a box, right click, and choose to use the default pivot then spriter stops working
  7. Well after working on it all day I can indeed confirm I got this to run on just visual 2012! So no one needs to answer for me.
  8. I am trying to implement the SFML example that came with spriterplusplus with just VS 2012 express. I've run into some linker errors that I'm still sorting through but just in case I'm trying to get a horse to quack is there anyone that can cinfirm that spirterplusplus can be used on 2012 express. I've heard that is uses things from c++ 14.
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