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I just purchased the art packs on sale and downloaded them, only to find the .zip files unopenable. Am I missing something here, or are they messed up? I hope this is the right place to put it. Great program! I am really enjoying learning it! :-D

Edit: More specifically, I can open the .zip, and see the files inside, but I cannot view or extract them. It says the archive is either in an unknown format or damaged. Ack!

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My only other idea is that the files are getting corrupted, somehow. Maybe you just tried to open them before they were completely downloaded, and they're missing a few bits at the end. Do you have another browser you can use to try downloading one of them again? Maybe also save it to a different folder (on a different drive, if you have one). If you have a Dropbox, you could use the "Save to my Dropbox" option, and let the DB app download it for you (and if you don't have one, click the referral link and we'll both get some extra space for free ;)).

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