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Game Animations WIP

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I am currently working on a game and if you haven't guessed, my animations are done in spriter.


I love feedback. Preferably on the videos( I am more likely to see it there) but here is great as well.


New Updated animations!


Idle animation/workflow this is a longer video. Took my time on it help my artist see the workflow and how everything works/pieces together.

Skip to the end for the final animation. But I think it may be too subtle.



This is my skeleton animation.

Idle and walking.


Again. Feedback is greatly appreciated!



Any tips on animating wrists? The rounded technique on arms/legs does not seem to work as well. Example in first video.


Any other tips you can suggest based on the videos also greatly appreciated. If you saw something that could save me time down the road, or changes to art that might improve things, I am all ears.

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i would suggest to cut your characters in more pieces for example the leg in 3 parts, Feet,lower and upper leg. it will give you much more flexibility and it will help you make your animation less mechanic, like the walking animation of your skeleton, also look other animations to take ideas and examples how they were done, 

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