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Is it possible to make a 90 degree top-down art pack?

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Hello, I am starting a project that is a top-down fighting action game, and I can't find any top-down templates on the internet. of course these assets are also perfect for twin stick shooters, and stealth games. I am choosing this artstyle, because you can have a lot of horizontal freedom, without a lot of extra sprites for rotation, allowing me to focus on complex animation states. I am probably being ambitious, but that's why I want to jump off from an art pack rather than starting from scratch, I am sure other users would appreciate it as well. Thank you for reading!


If I am to make any suggestions on the animations included if this art pack is made, I would add:

  • Idle (with gun ready variant)
  • Walking (with gun ready variant)
  • Running (with holding gun variant)
  • Sneaking (with holding gun variant)
  • Sneak Idle (with gun ready variant)
  • Dash (with holding gun variant)
  • Shoot (gun only)
  • Shank (melee only)

I believe these would make a good starting point for most projects that decide to use this art pack

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