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  1. Hello, I am starting a project that is a top-down fighting action game, and I can't find any top-down templates on the internet. of course these assets are also perfect for twin stick shooters, and stealth games. I am choosing this artstyle, because you can have a lot of horizontal freedom, without a lot of extra sprites for rotation, allowing me to focus on complex animation states. I am probably being ambitious, but that's why I want to jump off from an art pack rather than starting from scratch, I am sure other users would appreciate it as well. Thank you for reading! If I am to make any suggestions on the animations included if this art pack is made, I would add: Idle (with gun ready variant) Walking (with gun ready variant) Running (with holding gun variant) Sneaking (with holding gun variant) Sneak Idle (with gun ready variant) Dash (with holding gun variant) Shoot (gun only) Shank (melee only) I believe these would make a good starting point for most projects that decide to use this art pack
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