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Figured I'll share the thingy, since the original creator is kinda dead.


This is a heavily modified version of SpriterDotNet for Monofoxe. Note that since Monofoxe is a Monogame-based engine, it's gonna be very easy to convert the library to support generic Monogame.

So, why make another C# implementation? The existing one is beyond terrible. It's extremely overengineered, badly designed, filled with bugs and is a pain to work with in general. I've tried to simplify the source code as much as possible, fix the most obvious issues and even add new features. The code is still way too overcomplicated and badly designed, but this turd can only be saved by a complete rewrite by someone who's not loodakrawa, and I just don't have this much time.

But be warned, this is what I use for my games internally, and it's not as polished and/or shiny as my other stuff.

Changes so far:


- Added Monofoxe implementation.

- Added an ability to manipulate bones and sprites at runtime.

- Z tilting support.


- Removed default Monogame implementation.

- Removed Unity implementation.

- Removed frame caching. It did not play well with runtime bone manipulation and time slowdown.


- Did a complete codestyle overhaul. The code is much more readable now.

- Greatly reduced code complexity. Removed unnecessary interfaces and hygely simplified initial setup.

- Did a bunch of renamings and class merges to get rid of nothing-classes.


- Fixed completely broken animation transitions.

- Fixed an issue where some interpolations were calculated incorrectly in edge cases.





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