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Cover Your Eyes - 16bit Survival Horror


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Hey everybody, I'd like to share my passion project that's been in development for the last few years.

Steam page https://store.steampowered.com/app/1188290/Cover_Your_Eyes/

Twitter https://twitter.com/StarOSkipp



Cover Your Eyes is an traumatic 2D top down survival horror experience, focusing upon family, and the sacrifices we make to keep them safe. You will have to fight, think and escape out of escalating circumstances as the town of Verwood undergoes an unprecedented metamorphosis.

Take on the role of Chloe, married mother of two working nine to five to support her family. One night, she finds out her husband has been having an affair with another woman. The shocking discovery is soon eclipsed by the town being struck by a supernatural catastrophe and her husband disappearing into the night. Looking for answers, Chloe takes her two children and heads out after him. The town has changed and monsters have come out to play.

Inspired by survival horror past and present, balancing both resident evil style action and the psychodrama of Silent Hill. The player will have to loot for valuable ammo, shoot or run from hostile encounters and use problem solving techniques to overcome puzzles. All while keeping your two children and sanity in check.



  • Reunite your family and escape the town of Verwood.
  • Solve the mystery of who or what is behind the disaster.
  • Face off against other worldly forces.
  • Loot and manage supplies.
  • Decide when to fight. Those shotgun cartridges might come in handy later.
  • Think your way out of conundrums.
  • Keep a look out for your house cat.
  • 30 plus enemy types to encounter.
  • 7 weapons to acquire.
  • 15 important locations to visit.
  • 40 plus optional buildings to loot.
  • 3640 animation frames for Chloe.
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