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"16bit" Spriter requesting work

Hades Ciphernius

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As simple as it may sound, I am a mere soul in an ocean of failed attempts. My work so far has been in the shadows as anonymous. Unlike other people, I prefer to do my work silently. Now, for a proper opening statement.

As a new spriter, I have minor skill in all general categories of... "animation." I have a general grasp on overlaying individual frames from a sprite sheet to make something, but nothing more. I am a blank canvas awaiting others to add to the masterpiece, hence why I work for no cost. If attempts are made at payment, there is a likely chance of my refusal. I find that honing my stubborn skills are enough.


  1. Basic spriting

Yeah. That's all my skills.


  1. None

I'm not even kidding.


  1. Too many



  1. Hadesciphe@gmail.com

Hades Reborn.png


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