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Separate time curves for timelines

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From what I see now Spriter uses one time curve as a way of interpolation for all animated properties. Implementation wise it changes the time factor to follow a curve and then makes linear interpolation.

Is there a way to e.g. have linear movement interpolation, but nonlinear rotation interpolation between two keyframes?

Right now I don`t think it`s possible, so is there any chance Spriter 2 to support different time curves for each parameter timeline?

The UI will allow for timeline expand 3ds max style.

For the file format the least intrusive way with the current version will be something like:
<key id="0" curve_type_POSITION="cubic" curve_type_ANGLE="instant" (...) c1_Position="0" c2_Position="0" c1_Angle="0" c2_Angle="0"  (...) spin="-1">

Or they can be split into different keys of course.
Having them split can make it just a little bit more complicated, also there will be small performance penalty, but this will allow for better flexibility and will
increase Spriter usability IMO, so they will be worth it. =)

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