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Found 6 results

  1. When I imported my sprites using Spriter2Unity, the animations look very off when played. I see two issues here that may or may not be related to each other: 1. The Game preview has the sprites in odd z-order. 2. The dress of the character is moving unusually. In Spriter, the animation looks just fine. I am very confused as to why this is happening. Note: I am aware of the issue of "Pivot points that are assigned on the canvas. Right now if you do this, your sprite will be misaligned when imported in Unity." However, I changed all the default pivot points on the
  2. Hey tried looking and didnt find anny answer's so im just gonna ask here. Spriter2Unity program is it only compatible with Unity 5.x or is it compatible with Unity2017.X versions also ?
  3. What I am using: Spriter Pro Unity2Spriter Plugin Unity 5 Steps to replicate The Problem: play Unity Game play animation 1 before animation 1 is completed, play animation 2 using the same exported spriter Game Object the next time you play animation 1, it will transit into a wrong position and rotation on the last frame Additional Info: the wrong position and rotation is relative to when you interrupt animation 1 To illustrate the glitch better, this is a workaround I found: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity2D/comments/46q
  4. Hello Spriter community. First of all please excuse me my english grammar... Recently I started making animations for a little game project using Spriter and Unity (2D of course). Using Spriter2UnityDX there appear some weird problems in timeline right after we export animations to unity. We reuse disappearing objects to save memory. So to avoid transition problem, animation sprites need to end with the same scale as they start. So in Spriter I made instant-like change to sprite's dimensions to 1:1 at the end of the animation. Unfortunately this solution just doesnt work in Unity.
  5. Hi! I'm just starting with Spriter and I was wondering if there is something I have to be especially cautious while animating a character for an Unity project: Folders depth, Character Maps (although I know it is not supported yet), sprite swapping, sprite names, pivots, image size, etc... Those things are particulary important but If anything comes to mind just adress it. Thank you very much!
  6. sorry that am posting this here but am still getting used to using forums ( noob ) so! I have been working with Spriter2Unity for a while and I have noticed something very critical to optimizing Spriter to work with Unity better! In Unity, when using a texture map ( graphic ) it will do a Draw call ( which is pulling that graphic from the game database ), I have noticed something when I use Spriter2Unity, it draw call all the parts of what ever graphic that was made inside spriter into the frame, meaning ( if a character is made out of 20 parts, it will cost 20 draw calls ) for a cell
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