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Found 4 results

  1. Hello people I recently gained ctf2.5 and spriter pro in the Humble Bundle. My problem, which I'm sure many tech rookies will face, is how to gain control over the functionality of the spriter extension. The tutorial and extension was made by conceptgame and is a little low quality for a tool with such potential . I created a few animations and characters in spriter pro but when I follow the youtube guide, it either crashes, or the project comes out a jumbled mess. I have no idea how one would fix this issue due to my inexperience with programming. I hope someone can help. I put a lot of time into my animations and I feel it was all for naught. Thank you in advance. I love what you can do in both programs and can't wait to utilize both together.
  2. If you look at my Z-Order window everything is just plain gone. Nothing is displayed and the same thing happens in the hierarchy window. This is causing Spriter to crash if I attempt to add a sprite image to the scene, move any sprites, anything at all and spriter will just close. Additionally I have upgraded to pro recently and opening any projects will still run in essentials.
  3. so i have an animated attack , now how would i go about making a hit box for the sword so when it collides with an enemy it destroys it?
  4. I need help my armor for my character is differently sized , so when i switch my character mapping things dont always fit with the bones the way I wanted. Is there a way to set origins for certain images in spriter pro so that thing fall where they need to be an example I have is small shoulder pads and big shoulder pads and so because the images themselves are different sized they get off positioned on the particular bone.
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