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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, not sure if anyone has posted about this before, but I was wondering if we could have a preview of the sprite sheet before we export, something like adobe animate does. I got Spriter and I'm loving it a lot! Also, noob question, when you export the animation as a png sequence, it takes into account the whole sprite size right? Like as in the total pixel height and width of the combined image/sprite(from different body parts)
  2. Hi, Just want to know if is there a way to create a character map and replace an image by an animation. For exemple: When switching a weapon, replace the sword by a sabre who's flashing and glaring. Or replace a simple sword by a flying bird or a rotating propeller... Hope i'm clear enough, Thanks for your software, I love it!
  3. How to export GIF to specific resolution?
  4. Hey guys, I am currently pulling my hair out! All I want to do is swap an image in an animation using a sprite sheet. (all of my images for this animation are in one sprite sheet) In my project I have a few animations with slight differences in movement and I need to change a few facial features. So, I have cloned the initial animation, made a few minor movement tweaks and I now want to swap the necessary images. However, right clicking on the new image while the animation image is selected doesn't offer me the "replace sprite" option (it does give me the option for a single PNG image file). Am I doing something wrong? I can achieve what I want by manually inputting the x and y positions, but this method is tedious. Also as a side note I would also like to highlight that sometimes Spriter is a little buggy and my images disappear in the z-order panel, but reappear after I reload Spriter, any ideas why this would be? I am running the paid version of Spriter release 4.1 and have look for updates but none seem to exist at present. Please can someone offer me some help, this is really frustrating and is holding up my game development.
  5. Hello , I am new to Spriter ( Thank you humble bundle! ) Everything has been working fine , but today for some reason when I go to extract my animations to a sprite sheet it shows it creating the sheet like normal loads all the frames etc yada yada yada...but then the file/sprite sheet is not created. I have double checked my destination path and tried multiple names , I also typed .PNG at the end myself just in case. Any idea what would cause this or am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
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