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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've been enjoying the software. There's a simple problem I'm probably just missing. I added an object to my project, and then deleted it from all frames (Shift+Delete) and the object is completely out of the "Hierarchy" and "Z-Order" tabs, but when I try to export a spritesheet with: "Generate spritesheets for project images" the deleted objects are still on the exported spritesheet. How do I get rid of an object completely so when I export it, it isn't in the exported spritesheet? Thanks!
  2. Hi, is there any way of deleting all references to a sprite in a project through Spriter? I have a number of sprites that appear in many frames of many animations that are no longer required. Rather than manually going through all the animations and deleting these sprites or hiding these sprites in my character maps I want to remove them completely to clean up my project. Is there a simple way to just delete sprites completely from a project so I no longer get the "project is missing images" message on start up?
  3. I'm setting up a Spriter animation pipeline at the studio I work at, but we've hit a serious blocker. We need to have the ability to have several artist work in parallel to create animations for the same entity. However, when trying to merge our files it creates duplicate entities. This in itself wouldn't be an issue, but when trying to move / re-assign the animation to one of the the chosen entities, the animation which has been moved becomes glitched and cannot be viewed. The behavior is a bit weird, in that I can temporarily "trick" Spriter into displaying the animation, provided I first click on an animation from the entity with which it was previously assigned. This makes me hopeful that the data isn't lost, it's just that Spriter is getting wires crossed when trying to display it. I've linked a video of the issue in action. You can see near the end that I demonstrate the issue of the animation disappearing and reappearing several times. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfk8npkw769srm6/bandicam 2016-09-09 16-05-08-069.avi?dl=0
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