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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys! I have Spriter Pro and recently started to use it. I made a chest image on my own and now I'd like to have it on all frames. I don't know if I proceeded correctly, I opened an example from the RPG pack and opened the character maps window. I created a new character map replacing a chest image with mine. The character map works but it shows larger than expected. My image is 118 x 125.
  2. hi, I'm working on a shooter game in construct 2 and I have some problem with character map that I don't understand how it works. as you can see on the screen, when I click on the ennemy , I want them their faces explode by changing the character map which will change the head of the ennemy that'I ve clicked on. but here is the problem, construct 2 change the head of all instance that has been created when I click over one instance of EnnemyFamilly. how can a fix that? thank you
  3. Hi all, I've used Spriter for few months now and I still experience what it seems an erratic bug, but I'm not sure. Sometimes, when I use character map, drag&drop simply does not work. I click on my defined char map on the right panel (available) and drag it to the left panel (active); when I release the mouse button the dragged element just moves back to the right panel and both the list remain unchanged (with the "active" one empty). I must admit that this behavior is a little bit erratic, and sometimes all it works good. So, the questions: - is it possible that I'm doing something wrong? - is there a precise position where I had to click and release in order to make the drag&drop work? - can other reasons be behind this weird behavior (what I've selected on the main window or something like this)? - does the position/size of the floating char map window matter? By the way, right now I'm using Spriter 4.1 on MacOS Yosemite (I'm not able to test it on a different OS right now but I'll try as soon as I can). Thank you for every suggestion you can give me. Dolfiz
  4. First of all, I am using spriter with Construct 2 (just in case you need that information to properly answer me.) I really like spriter and I'm glad I bought it, but the proper use for each feature isn't really that clear. I asked the question first in someone else's topic, but after browsing the forum more I noticed that you told someone to "make a new topic for a new question" in another topic to be sure his question will be seen - so here I am and I will make the question clearer too. I read the manual and watched the tutorials and it still isn't clear when we should be using the Character Maps, the Entities, or when to just make separate spriter files (scml/scon) for each enemy. You said in another topic that it is better RAM-wise to make separate spriter files (though it was unclear if you meant for each enemies). I have like 36 enemies sharing the same walking animation. I was thinking of putting them all in the same spriter file and then either use character maps OR entities, but after reading your RAM post, I'm wondering what would be the best RAM wise. Would using 36 different spriter files (scml/scon) actually be better? But then, when would we use entities? and character maps? Thank you for your time!
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