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  1. Hi Mike, yes that was the issue, it's fixed now, thx
  2. Hi, I have a situation with easing curves. As you can see on this screenshot, I don't have key frame for my head part at frame 100 So the easing curve for the HEAD should go from frame 0 to frame 200 using the easing curve I've set on frame 0. Easing look like this : But the problem is, even tho the HEAD bone doesn't have a key frame at frame 100, it splits easing in two and in reality it looks like this when playing the animation : When I do some tests and delete keyframes at frame 100 from LEG_RIGHT, ARM_LEFT, LEG_RIGHT_CLOTHES and ARM_LEFT_CLOTHES, the HEAD easing looks how it should, like in the first easing curve screenshot I posted. So, it seems like there is some kind of interference, how can I fix this ?
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