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  1. Hi, I just made this parser for SCML files, it's one of my first ever pure C programs and i learnt a lot from it. I made this because i was unhappy with the current spriter C++ implementation requiring inheritance to use. It probably isn't perfect but it should just about work with some edits. You will have to manually navigate the spriter_data structures, please make pull requests! Example: #include "scml.h" int main() { struct tag_list tag_list = parse_file("test.scml"); struct spriter_data spriter_data = parse_tags(tag_list); // navigate the spriter_data structures tag_
  2. Hi, i'm trying to implement the spriter api but i don't understand what "unmapParent()" does to the bone transform? It's defined in the SpatialInfo class in the reference (http://www.brashmonkey.com/ScmlDocs/ScmlReference.html) Cheers!
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