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  1. yes i thought i post in a right forum.
  2. Hi there, I am currently using Phaser for a University assignment and absolutely love it! Despite this I am having an issue trying to get a sprite atlas to work. I have created a sprite sheet and corresponding atlas using shoebox and I am loading it into the game like so: game.load.atlasXML('bee', 'assets/images/bee/beeAtlas.png', 'assets/images/bee/beeAtlas.xml'); I think everything is working fine at this point. Then within my Bee object I am doing the following: this.sprite = game.add.sprite(50, 50, 'bee');this.sprite.animations.add('fly', Phaser.Animation.generateFrameNames('fly', 1, 11, '', 2), 30, true);this.sprite.animations.play('fly'); For some reason this isn't working and I am getting the error: where am i TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'this.currentFrame.uuid') Has anyone got any idea why this might be? I should note that I been able to get animation working fine without an atlas, but I would like to use an atlas now so I can switch easily. Thanks in advance!
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