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  1. @Mike at BrashMonkey Thank you Mike, this solved it for me! Fantastic Happy New Year!
  2. @lucid Any idea if there is any setting to make the sprites draw themselves outside the viewport?
  3. @Mike at BrashMonkey Do you perhaps know anything of this?
  4. Hey everyone! I want to start of by saying, thank you for an awesome tool. I started using Spriter a couple of weeks ago and it is already a permanent tool of my workflow. It's just that when I have used Spriter I have also realized that I have a problem with it, but it rarely happens. The problem is that whenever I have a spriter object come too close to the edge of my viewport in Construct 3 it suddenly dissapears. Why is this happening? It doesn't matter which edge it is, it's just that if I move a sprite (a moving character in the game) and it gets close to the edge it turns invisible and then turns visible as soon as I move back and I'm not as close to the edge. Is there some kind of setting which makes the spriter objects turn invisible when getting close to the edge to save size or something like that? I have checked through all different events and settings in both Spriter and Construct 3, but I can't find anything. I would be so happy if anyone could help me out! Cheers!
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