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  1. This has now happened to me 3 times. I clone an animation and start to make changes for a new animation. After a short period of working with the new animation, everything freezes. I can't move or rotate bones, I can't move graphics and no matter where I go in the timeline the issue persists. The only way around it is to restart spriter, delete the cloned animation and clone another one. Then everything seems to work fine. My fear is that I might get an hour into working on an animation and then have to start from scratch. Since I am very new to Spriter is there some key combination I might accidently be hitting? I haven't ever used the Lock Bones button so I'm really baffled on why this is happening. And I am on Spriter Pro release 9, iMac 4 core i7, 16G of memory, OSX 10.14.5. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. joeb
  2. Don't know what I did but my timeline window is no longer attached to the main window and I can't resize it or figure out how to get it back to being docked. Thanks!! joeb
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