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  1. I'm new to Spriter and I'm quite disappointed about how many subtle bugs and discomforts it has. At first, I wanted to accustomed to the Spriter as it is. But as I using it more and more, I found that those nuisances are wasting my times and energy a little bit much. So I decided to post about the nuisances that I experiences one by one. I strongly believe the reason why those nuisances are not fixed until now is that users experience too many discomforts and they leave to another animating tool rather than try to report it. There are many things, really. Sometimes copying keyframes from multiple objects doesn't work, so I had to copy one by one from the obejcts. Sometimes, I can't move bones. When that happens I use middle mouse button for panning screen, and after then I could move bones again. And when I'm scaling bones, there was difference between the expectation about how it would scale the sprites and how it actually look like. For example, when I attach a bone to a vertically long rectangle(bone's root is on the floor of the rectangle and bone's head on ceiling of the rectangle) and scale the bone vertically, I expected this scaling would make the sprite scaled vertically but it scaled the sprite horizontally. It's not intuitional at all. ETC ETC ETC ETC ETC I think I chose wrong platform. Actually, I want to refund Spriter right now and transfer to Spine2d. I should have been here after this tool is fully matured.... But, I already purchased this and I feel bad about doing nothing about the discomforts that I experience. Whatever, what I want to suggest today is one thing about editing keyframes. Spriter adds a keyframe in the master timeline whenever users add a keyframe to a sprite or bone. This is useful when multiple keyrames exist in at a moment because users can edit multiple keyrames' speed graph easily. However, the downside is, when users edit multiple keyframes which are spreading through different moments, it generates multiple master keyrframes as many as the number of the moments that users want to edit. For example, when a user move 4 keyframes which is spreading at moment 1,2,3,4, it generate 4 master keyframes. About this, you can't simply say use master keyframes for editing those subkeyframes when you don't want to generate another master keyframes because when user want to delicately calibrate animations it requires calibrating subkeyframes to another moments. Since Spriter doesn't provide a function that can clear blank master keyrames (actually I'm not sure at this point, is there a function like this? At least I couldn't find it) users have to manage master keyframes when they just want to focus on editing subkeyframes. That is, it requires unnecessary attention that just wasting our energy. It would be better if Spriter has a function that delete blank master keyframes at once.
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