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  1. Okay, I'll ask my cousin to send a video and I'll attach that to my post. My bad for causing confusion, I've edited the post now Thanks again, Mike! Edit: Also am I doing this right? I have no idea how to use the posting system here. Did I reply to you or did I just make a new post that you can't see?
  2. Hey guys! So I've been animating using the free version of Spriter for only a few weeks so I'm still a bit new to the software but yesterday, my cousin (who is the programmer for our game) tried importing the folder in which my sprite and my Spriter project had been stored into Unity 2019.1. We used the SpriterDotNet plugin to get it into Unity and it seemed to get it pretty smoothly. We used the Youtube video on it to make sure we got everything right. But as soon as we imported it, we couldn't find where the animations were being stored. The pivots were all there and the animations obviously
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