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  1. Yep my bad, I was not seeing the ok button due to the window being too tall, works like charm thank you
  2. I actually took this into account, made sure the rectangle was white(meaning it fits everything ). And I actually picked up spriter for how awesomely it handles character maps, it does exactly what I needed to do. Sadly it wont save( or at least some times it wont) save as seen in the tutorial. ( scon file + scml + png)
  3. Sent it good sir. So it saves, but it does so inconsistenly. I made a project from scratch vary basic art with only like 4 bones, no character maps or anything and I was happy to see that it saved. so I tried to redo it again just in case, selected a separate folder for saving the generated spritesheets and, It did not save(using that same simple project). So I thought, maybe it only saves on new fresh projects made from scratch. so I made another project from scratch, added some simple sprites, like arms, a leg and head, like 4 bones only. and it did not save.
  4. I have tried installing spriter from the beginning in another PC, and same results. I get no saves.
  5. Hello, I am using SpriterPro on steam. I am trying export spritesheets using the generate sprite sheets from project images, I followed the tutorial, but nothing ( it worked once for another tutorial, but never again ). the files are in this video I also tried making something from scratch, and nothing. It would not save the png or scon or scml file, as shown in the video.
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