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  1. Hi all! I'm looking for an experienced spriter to make character sheets for my RPG Maker MV game. The game is a fantasy/sci-fi game kinda like Xenogears. This would be a LONG TERM contract. I would need between 40-80 characters (male, female, adult, child, etc.). I'm looking for a style that works within RPG Maker MV. So if you have experience doing sprites for RPG Maker MV, that's a bonus. A good example of the scale and style I'm looking for is below: Looking to make an arrangement whre about 1-3 sprites are delivered a week. Payment will be made weekly for each sprite. Willing to pay between $10-20 for each sprite. For character poses, happy to pay an additional $5. Payment will be made through Paypal (or if you have another preferred option). Please send me a sample of your work through PM or on this thread. If you also have other games you've worked on before, please let me know. Thanks, all!
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