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  1. Is there an example of using subentities with Spriter.NET? Thank you.
  2. Hey, I am attempting to perform smooth transitions. They have the same bone hierarchy, at least as far as I can tell. When transition between two animations, sprites will flip or do a 360 degree rotation. Looking at the animations in the SCML, they have this: <object_ref id="0" parent="8" timeline="1" key="0" z_index="0"/> <object_ref id="1" parent="9" timeline="2" key="0" z_index="1"/> <object_ref id="2" parent="10" timeline="3" key="0" z_index="2"/> <object_ref id="3" parent="14" timeline="12" key="0" z_index="3"/> <object_ref id="4" parent="11" timeline="33" key="0" z_index="4"/> <object_ref id="5" parent="13" timeline="11" key="0" z_index="5"/> <object_ref id="6" parent="12" timeline="10" key="0" z_index="6"/> <object_ref id="7" parent="1" timeline="0" key="0" z_index="7"/> <object_ref id="8" parent="5" timeline="4" key="0" z_index="8"/> <object_ref id="9" parent="6" timeline="5" key="0" z_index="9"/> <object_ref id="10" parent="17" timeline="9" key="0" z_index="10"/> <object_ref id="11" parent="16" timeline="8" key="0" z_index="11"/> <object_ref id="12" parent="15" timeline="7" key="0" z_index="12"/> <object_ref id="13" parent="4" timeline="15" key="0" z_index="13"/> <object_ref id="14" parent="2" timeline="13" key="0" z_index="14"/> <object_ref id="15" parent="7" timeline="6" key="0" z_index="15"/> <object_ref id="16" parent="3" timeline="14" key="0" z_index="16"/> What I noticed is that although the bone_ref's have the same parents and timelines, the object_refs change: So object_ref id=4 will have 11/ 33: <object_ref id="4" parent="11" timeline="33" key="0" z_index="4"/> But in another animation, <object_ref id="0" parent="11" timeline="33" key="0" z_index="0"/> object_ref 0 has it. Manually modifying the object_refs to be the same actually seems to correct the transition issue. Forgive my ignorance. What is going on here? Is there a way to ensure that these are the same via Spriter itself so that transitions can work? If I understand it, these somehow have a different hierarchy, correct? Looking at it in Spriter, they look identical. EDIT: I appear to be able to correct this by doing the following: 1. Adjusting the order in one of the animations frames. 2. Copy that order to all other frames (using Edit -> copy ...) 3. Adjust the order to match in the next animation. 4. Copy that order to all other frames... Does that make sense? Is there an easier way?
  3. Hey, is there a straightforward way to find the total maximum bounding area of an animation? Or all animations for a sprite instance? Or does it require iterating over all SpriteObjects using GetBoundingBox and building out the extents? I managed to find this down in the forums: I assume the answer is still a manual calculation.
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