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  1. Hmm, I tried that but maybe I need the full version to do this? I'm using the one that came with Spriter Pro. Edit: Never mind, I wasn't doing it right! I was trying to replace it under the 'torso' part and that wasn't right apparently.
  2. Thanks Mike. I'll look into that since I'm fairly proficient in GIMP and not Pro Motion. I also couldn't find anything out there as to add more custom assets to the heroes_pack char map. Is that possible and if so have you made a tutorial for that? Thanks again!
  3. Not sure why but if I try to edit the base parts of this art pack the color palette no longer applies correctly to that part. I'm using GIMP and I'm not editing the colors. As soon as I copy over it (PNG) only certain colors of the asset change. I'll include a screenshot of what I am experiencing. All I did here was open the 'chest_front_0' of the 48x48 male, changed nothing and saved over it. I'm even using the same indexed color that the file loads with. The one in the image is: fcdc9a. For some reason this color doesn't act right. Thoughts?
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