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  1. If the bone isn't exactly as long as the limb, the IK doesn't work properly. If you resize the bone then the sprite is out of sync with the bone which makes "squash and stretch" a pain if you can't easily reset a sprite back to 1.0 I saw a shortcut that reset bones but I can't remember it and googling doesn't bring up any results. It's not in the shortcut list (but barely any of the shortcuts are listed for some reason.) It was something like holding a button and double-clicking on the bone. Can anyone help me?
  2. Porting a game from CF2.5, I noticed a lack of certain features in the GM spriter SPI (though I may be missing something.) Can't set animation without blend time (can only set blend to 0, which still causes 1-frame-long bugs when changing animations.) Both APIs have an issue where you can't change the animation if there's blendtime (even if it's 0) if the previous animation is finished. I got around this in CF2.5 by checking the currently playing animation against the target animation and the spriter "animation has finished" event being true, and if so, changing the animation without
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