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  1. Hello, I am hacking away at the SDL library (for C++) to make a small 2D game. I'm looking at my options for game asset creation. I feel it will be much easier to draw bad assets that I want than to find assets that match what I want. I am using SDL and C++ because, I like to code in C++ and [ Unreal Engine ] is too big for my computer, while SDL is not a problem at all and very accessible. TL;DR My questions are the following: The game code I have written can display the image (region from a sprite sheet) of my choice to the screen. Essentially, I am alternating images in a rectangle, that's my engine's animation capability (I think). Do the dimensions of the images in the exported sprite sheet vary in size? Ideally I'd like to work with a sprite sheet whose animation frames all have the same dimensions (So I can easily pick the correct regions/rectangles in my sprite sheet source image to display on my screen. Currently, I just created a Medibang (Photoshop-ish program) document which I separated by hand (with straight lines) and I am placing my sprites in my sloppily distributed sprite sheet. In my code I am estimating and finding the regions in my sheet through trial and error ( I used SDL_Rect, which are basically rectangles with coordinates and dimensions to "pick" from my sheet). I found my pipeline yesterday to be pretty slow. I took time to sketch the character, then make cleaner lines on top, then give it some flat colors. I repeated it a second time to create a second frame to alternate to function as an idle animation demo. No modular parts, just redrew the character hoping the animation would not look horrendous (Looked pretty bad, but better than nothing). I want to make the best looking 2D idle animation I can with the resources I have ( I feel comfortable drawing a character, but it takes me 2 hours to get any assets done, I am a one man team ). And I would rather make something sloppy in a small amount of time so I can continue doing and learning different aspects of the game ( writing the code, so far I made a character animation wrapper class and a game loop that draws all existing backgrounds/characters ). This is what I cooked up in the afternoon: https://gph.is/2I8vrST
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