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  1. Not sure, but I was watching a brackeys video an hour ago and realized that I believe I can fix the issue by setting each individual image's order in layer in Unity. I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow. Thank you for replying, much appreciated! edit: I realized how quick it would be to test it, I tested it, it works, I have to go into each image and reset all their orders in layer and that will fix it. Not ideal but it will work.
  2. yes I used that, sorry I was referring to that and to the alt drag function to add more bones.
  3. No? I'm just copy and pasting my character from animation to animation? My initial animation's pivot points were created with the alt click tool/function? I'm sorry I'm still somewhat confused.
  4. I've only been working with spriter for a few days now, what are hotspots?
  5. In the scene view everything looks fine but in the game view the separate images constantly move around on the z axis. I can fix this by manually going in and editing each images z position but there's to much, this would take hours just to correct each animation. I'm assuming that I'm just doing something wrong. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I'm using spriter2Unity with unity version 5.3.5 there are two images attached, top is the scene view, bottom is the game view. since posting this 15 minutes ago I figured out that the reason it looks good in the scene view is because that's using an orthographic camera when in 2D mode (I assume) and if I place main camera in orthographic as well it works and looks fine, but I don't want to use orthographic because It messes with the parallax system I have set up. so I'm still trying to figure out the main issue...
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