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  1. Am I blind or is this pack missing from the downloadable area? https://brashmonkey.com/essentials-game-effects-pack-preview/ Was it bundled into another essentials pack?
  2. Does a purchase of Spriter Pro get you the Spriter 2 when it comes out? I just noticed a banner for it.
  3. I am looking at buying Spriter Pro because a lot of the resources I see online include Spriter animations. My question is whether or not you can export said animations into another format such as dragonbones or spine? I am currently looking around for RPG Maker MV stuff and I see that it has a dragonbones plugin. I'm wondering if I buy Spriter Pro and then buy resources with Spriter animations, can I then export those either into some plugin I'm not aware of for RPG Maker MV or another format that can be used with the dragonbones plugin? I know you can export sprite sheets, but I'm not interested in that. The low resolution of the sprite sheets would be a problem. Edit: As a followup question, if I purchase the pro version from here, do I also get a steam key?
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