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  1. I definitely noticed that. I guess in my initial game dev efforts, I've been used to drawing (what might pass for drawing) in a "perfect side view". But for the project I'm on now, I'm hoping to add a sense of depth, thus my choice with "A". But your illustration and explanation helped me to better understand the thinking behind the arrangement of the tiles and so-forth.
  2. AH! I rather figured that was the intention in the art design, but the way some of the OTHER tiles were coming out when I separated them into individual sprites was resulting in some images that just seemed odd to me. That's why I was checking. But you've confirmed I was doing it right after all. Thank you again! You've been great!
  3. I guess a better question to ask is: What does each individual tile look like when separated?
  4. Second question. In the tileset files where all the platform objects are stored in one, can I safely assume that the first tile begins at the very top-left corner (0, 0)? I ask because when I separate the tiles from each other at the 512x512 dimensions, assuming a pure grid-style of the tiles as they are arranged in the file, they seem to come out oddly (I don't know how to best qualify "oddly").
  5. Thank you, Mike! And no worries on the delay. I didn't even have to wait a full day. If that's "too long" for me to wait, I've got issues.
  6. I recently downloaded the Dreamworld Adventures Environment Art Pack and the Dream Frontiers Environment Pack. However, I need to know what the individual length and height dimensions of each tile...in particular the Jungle_Tiles_A file and the Jungle_Tiles_B file. Since the files have the tiles lined up so seamlessly, it's hard to exactly what the edges are. Could someone help me with that, please? Thank you!
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