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  1. (let me change the question a little bit, just get to the point) What's your opinion about using Spriter as an Animation tool for UI/HUD? I've tried using Spriter for this purpose a little bit, and still not really sure if it will lead me into some kind of problems or not (but it's so far so good at this point).
  2. You're right. My setup seems to be messed up. It used to work until I upgraded Spriter.Net. I've added the MonoGame.Framework.WindowsDX to the Nuget and it works again. I guess that's what missing.
  3. Just upgraded the version today and MonoGame just stopped working. Looks like MG does not support .Net Core/.Net Standard quite yet. There's no error or exception though.
  4. Thank you for the heads-up. I'm on the MonoGame, so I think I'm going a bit more.
  5. Hi Loodakrawa. May I ask, do you have an ETA for the next release? If possible I'd like to shy away from doing my own builds. I don't mean to rush you or anything Thank you.
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