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  1. hmmm... so that was with the spriter dot net package... i tried the spriter to unity and it doesn't create any prefabs... I'm using unity 5.5.2 and the latest spriter
  2. so i have the trial and I tried to import the spriter file using the unity importer, and the directions for the importer say to drag the prefab for entity into the scene and then drag the animator controller into the scene... but there is no animator controller.. when i push play, my character is animaited with the generic run cycle I cooked up in spriter... but how is this possible as i can't find anything that has to do with an animation anywhere in the folder structure... when i select the character.. there are no clips.. no animator states... nothing... how is my character running wi
  3. I'm making decisions on using spriter with Unity and I'd like to know if the animations that are made in spriter, once imported to unity, give the keyframes in the animations tab as if I pieced together the animations in unity itself.. I need to be able to have control of animaiton layer mixing (upper body shoot or rest while lower body run or walk, etc.) Can spriter give me that kind of control in unity?
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