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  1. @Lars Wikstrom This also happens to me sometimes, it usually fixes itself when you right click on your spriter project folder and select Reimport
  2. @Dengar Okay thanks, but I may have found the bug. When the z_index is set the first time a sprite is loaded, the z_index never gets updated on different animations that also use that sprite even though it may have a different z_index. So a temporary fix (or permanent?) is to comment out the section in AnimationBuilder.cs where you check if z has changed. After doing that the z order works fine, but I'm guessing this will probably have some sort of cost to performance? if (mref != null) { if (defaultZ == inf) { defaultZ = mref.z_index; positionChanged = true;
  3. @Dengar Hey man, thanks for the awesome app. I actually used SpriterDotNet for a while up until about 6 months ago. The reason I switched to your app is because SpriterDotNet has a bug that causes the SpriterRenderers to constantly jump around between bones, making it impossible to switch out sprites during runtime in cases where your characters put on different clothes etc. And it also doesn't use the Unity animation features since it's not specifically designed for Unity. Your app works amazingly well with the exception of the z orders being messed up. So I am trying to fix it, but I wo
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