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  1. Hello: thanks for you reply. I will have a look through some of the open source projects too if i get too stuck, I have most of the data i think i need extracted from the xml files now, I'll find out when i start implementing the data to do something. thanks again jordan
  2. I have found it now, I can't be the only one struggling to find it so i will leave a link below: http://www.brashmonkey.com/ScmlDocs/ScmlReference.html
  3. Hello everyone: I am currently trying to find the file documentation for the spriter format for SCML, and was wondering if it is anywhere and i am missing it. If so does anyone know where abouts and can provide a link. What am i using it for? I am currently working on a 2d game engine and am too stubborn to use other peoples code and like doing as much as i can myself, that and the way i have implemented animations and other elements won't work as well with pre-existing implementations, If there is no offcial documentation for it does anyone have the time to do a breakdown of everything so i am not to miss something? Many thanks jordy
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