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  1. Hey all, I'm looking for a couple of really good pixel artists. I need someone preferably better than I am. Rate is negotiable. I'm a professional game artist, I know and respect good work from fellow artists. Hit me up with either a PM or a portfolio. More attention will be given to artists with examples of solid pixel character animation with dynamic weight transition. If you feel you have the skills to do provide what I am asking for but do not have the portfolio pieces that I am looking for, a timed art test (That will NOT be used in the game and will belong to you 100%) will be given before any sort of paid work. The style is studio Ghibli meets Golden Sun. I have attached a sample of my work to this post so that you can compare. The work sample is merely to show my skill level and the minimum skill level that I am looking for, it does not represent the project that I am seeking work for in any way shape or form.
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