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  1. ah ok.. How about those 2 Radius files? 1 of them is bigger, but they are both having the same name.
  2. Talking with someone who has the Steam version, he got a whole bunch of items with the Steam version. How come the Download Free version, didn't have that? Unlocked it for the pro, but had to buy all the bundles.. Is there another download somewhere?
  3. Hi, Just new to this program, and bought all the packs.. Where to I install all the packs ?
  4. Just bought the Spriter Pro + Deluxe Platformer Art Bundle And I don't see the Free Delta Missions pack ? Edit: Nvm. I saw the icons below the purchase, and was able to download 3 free packs. 1 pack has 2 of the same filenames ? Radius-Wing-Shm...... zip Also, where do i install those files?
  5. I just bought Spriter with all the bundles. Where do I put the files from all the bundles? do they go in a specific directory, or do you just place them where ever? Thank you
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