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  1. I see in the youtube videos that it is possible to add cosmetics, Is it currently possible to add weapons (of my own design) and have the program assign it to the sprite/character (similar to the existing shield/other accessories)? If so is it currently possible to add additional 'forms' if I were to have an artist draw me up some (and have them function with the swap-able features)? Thanks again, Lorg Reyn
  2. Hello, I have been looking at the RPG Hero's animation bundle for some time and I am interested in learning a little more about it (to make sure it fits with the game I am creating) 1) I am designing a Fantasy RPG Strategy game through Gamemaker: Studio and was wondering if you have any methods of exporting the character sprites/animations with a blank outline (in a similar fashion to layering with a blank outline in gimp)[saving me time and effort on having to cut the default background color out of the image] 2) In the tutorials I have viewed I saw only 2 facial/character structures (male, and female) are there more structures/faces/race options in the existing set?[I know I can add on to the base models but do not wish to waste the time to have to design more (3-5 human male and female and 2-4 for each fantasy race I would like to include)] 3) How many and what variety of weaponry are available in your pack [again I can add on but would prefer to do as little work as required seeing as I have a deadline on my game and limited funds to hire an artist] While I love the idea of your art pack and spriter System I am afraid I expect too much for it and would prefer not to be disappointed, any clarifying comments would be helpful PS: I am a programmer not an art guy so please forgive my assumptions Thanks, Lorg Reyn
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