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  1. Did not work. I was curious and tried copying over the exe of the steam version over to the free version's install folder and seeing if that would work, and then I started encountering the same issue launching the exe from the free folder much like how I was having trouble with the steam version. This leads me to believe that it's the steam version of the exe that is causing the crash.
  2. Indeed, I was connected to the internet, and my steam account was logged into when I tried to run Spriter Pro.
  3. So I recently tried to install Spriter Pro on my steam account. When it tries to open up, it shows a blank window for a bit, and then quits. I do not get an error message. However, when I downloaded the Spriter Free version from the website, and installed and ran that, it worked just fine, which makes me believe that the Steam version of Spriter.exe is the issue. I've done the following steps: Edit the registry to set "showVideoHelpOnStartup" to false Edit the registry to set "openGLENabled" to false Verify Integrity of application cache with steam (trying to run spriter.exe always
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