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  1. 15 hours ago, Ankit Dhillon said:

    BTW, I myself was too disappointed seeing the crazy likes on some videos and stopped following the contest alltogether ( I accepted my shameful defeat with 9 likes :P ), allmost pulled my video out too bcz of shame ( I thought those 1000's of likes were real :P Although, that doesnot change the fact that I still only got 9 likes :P I don't know how am I even getting the courage to show up here...

    That's still far better than my 1 like (a friend took pity on me). I'm just happy to have 120 views. Never thought this voting system would work, but still happy to participate because of the side benefits and joy I get out of doing the work.

  2. I'm also in favor of pushing back the voting date!
    Not sure if you wanted that reply here or in some other way, but there it is...

    5 hours ago, Heinz said:

    If possible, Brashmonkey could open a poll here in which ONLY entrants can vote ONCE for an entry they think are worthy BESIDES their own...those numbers are pretty much solid.

    Nobody outside or even inside besides the entrant accounts will be counted as a valid vote, if this seems reasonable and possible i think its a great method.

    Personally I would prefer for the Brashmonkey team to vote themselves, but I do agree with Heinz here. I think this would be a simple yet effective way of voting.

    3 hours ago, bwwd said:

    The only fair way is to have anonymous entries and anonymous voting by people who have registered here before contest was even started, and only by participants of the contest (animators) so they at least have some knowledge about making animations in spriter and can judge final outcome better than random friend or family member, but allow for 2 votes, so you must vote for 2 entries at least and cant vote for just one....

    bwwd is right in some aspects, but having to set up a registration for the competition would make it difficult for people such as myself (who usually never take note of these things) to enter. This competition has been a great opportunity for me to push myself into this part of making video games, so I thank Brashmonkey for providing it.

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