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  1. Nope, but I did copy the entire folder, rename the copy, then change the sprites within that folder - and the name of the spriter file (to use with another character). When I opened the copy, the animation was broken, then I opened the original and that was also broken. Is it possible that there is some cache or temporary files on the computer that got messed up buy the duplicate? I'm using the pro version with Steam on windows 10 Cheers
  2. Several times now after finishing an animation and exporting the sprites, when I return to them a few days later they have been damaged and mixed up. For example I have a character with an attack, run, and a death animation (see attached image). Then when I came back to it today all the keyframes in the run animation had disappeared and blood from the death animation appeared in the run animation even though it wasn't there in the first place. Is this to do with how I organise the folder or something?
  3. So I found the solution - just choose the keyframe then click on 'Edit' > 'Copy selection to all keyframes'
  4. I've created an animation of a character moving. Now, when I import a new sprite (e.g. a gun) the new sprite disappears when the cursor in the timeline reaches the first set of keyframes from the original character's animation. I've tried creating a new keyframe of the gun before the other keyframes and moving it to the right, but it then destroys the original animation. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
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