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  1. Ok, so since I was really annoyed by creating 54 identical char maps for 4 characters, I saved the project as scon and then duplicated directly the char maps properties inside it. I made sure char maps IDs were unique and then loaded. It worked Spriter even reassigned proper IDs after I saved since I had a hole in the increments for one of the char which had fewer char maps compared to the three others. A feature to copy/paste char maps in Spriter would be safer of course but in the meantime, I finally don't have to waste time with duplicated char maps
  2. Hi again, I'm using the char maps panel a lot and by default, the panel is really small so I don't see the full path of my project sprites. Resizing is not saved and each time I open and close the panel to create a new char map, it gets reset to default small size. Could you save this somehow ? That would be a huge help ! Thanks !
  3. Hi, I'm currently working on a game which has 4 characters with their own entities which share some weapons. My project structure is like this : char 1 char 2 char 3 char 4 weapons I created a basic animation for each and added the char maps to change weapons for each. At the beginning I had about 20 unique weapons, so 20 char maps, per character (which was already a hassle to duplicate). However I added new weapons and now have about 20 more new weapons. So you can see where I'm going with this. Creating one char map is a bit annoying with how Spriter handles the file structure (I don't understand why the left panel of the char map doesn't list the files in the same normal way as the right panel. It seems linked to the addition of each sprite in animations, ordered by time, but it makes no sense to list it like this). So anyway, my four characters share exactly the same weapons and char maps so it's a bit annoying as well as really slow for me to manually duplicate all the weapons char maps. The Save button only seems to save the active entity. To solve this, a copy/paste feature would be really helpful and save hours of work for animations having lots of char maps. An export/import feature would be even better I hope I'm clear enough. Thanks !
  4. It's ok. I think it comes from my computer, it's quite old and Spriter is not the only software which randomly crashes when I launch random commands ^^
  5. Thanks for the details. Spriter crashed when I tried to merge the two first characters. So I went with the "bake to new entity" solution and had to manually recreate all the char map which took me a few hours but no choices. Let me know if your dev think my first idea is possible to implement in Spriter ! Thanks !
  6. Sure no worries ! I understand my request is kind of special. I'll use the bake function for the moment. However I do assume in video game making, my case can happen quite often, where several characters having similar stances but different sizes but still sharing common assets. I also saw that projects can merge other projects, so maybe I could create sub folders with each char and duplicate the weapons folder for each of them, then create the first one and duplicate the scml to the other chars. Since file names are identical, it should work. But I guess the weapons folder would be duplicated for all characters. Maybe the time saved using this way could be worth this little problem. Or does Spriter pro have a way to automatically remove identical images ? I know Construct 2 does this for example which is quite a life saver.
  7. Hi all, I'm currently working on a game which has several characters sharing some weapons assets. My current game project is like this : - char 1 (contains all body parts for char 1) - char 2 (same but for char 2 - file names are identical as char 1) - char 3 (same but for char 3 - file names are identical as char 1) - weapons (contains weapons used for all characters) All the characters have similar animations, the only thing is that they have different haircuts or different body sizes, so I can't use char maps here. I created one entity for char 1 with all the animations required. There are also a lot of char maps to change clothes, weapons, facial expressions for all animations. Is there any way to duplicate this entity and then for all animations inside the new entity, to tell the project to load assets from the char 2 folder instead of the char 1 ? I saw the "Bake new entity" feature but it won't adjust char maps folder which also uses the same update right ? There are quite a lot of sprites in each animations since I animate a lot of body parts so even if the new sprites on the new animations still need to be repositioned, it'll already be a huge time saver. Same for char maps which would be automatically duplicated, the names of the sprites are identical between characters. Is it possible ? Thanks !
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