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  1. No it doesn't corrupt the actual data, it's just a visual thing.
  2. Your mechanim attempt is pretty sweet! Working nicely so far. Are you having trouble allowing for different pivot points? That really needs to be fixed if you can. Appreciate the work. Thanks
  3. I had a bone structure setup as follows: - Body = Neck = Head = Mouth = Left Thigh = Left foot = Right Thigh = Right Foot - Center All I wanted to do was drag body under center, so that center could become the top parent. However when I did this all the bones disappeared from the hierarcy only, not on the sprites themselves.
  4. The bone hierarchy is extremely buggy in the latest version. When I try to change the parent of a bone all of them just disappear into nowhere, sometimes you move one and it just doesn't move. Everything about it right now is buggy and its pretty much impossible to work with, even the basic features.
  5. Is this available yet? I have sprites that are in different directions so they use different sprites, and I put them in seperate entities at first, but now I want them to all share one. However when dragging all the sprites are lost and not copied over. Is there a way to do this without recreating the entire animation under a new entity?
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