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  1. Good day everyone! I was told that I can get help here. I having issues importing Spriter Pro Project to Unity. Initially, I was following thru this youtube tutorial Spriter2Unity Importing Spriter Animations to Unity. I can't drag n drop file to my version of Unity(5.3.3f1 (64-bit)). So, I import the Unity package and PlatformerPack, manually. I can't import PlatformerPack using Unity, so, I close Unity and add the folder under Assets folder of my Unity project. When I open the project, a "Hold On" Panel popup and appears to be importing PlatformerPack contents to Unity but its stuck there for more than an hour. I can't get pass to that part. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to get around this and run the project without too much of a hassle importing Spriter Pro projects? edit; looks like Tekuzo had same problem
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