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  1. I tried the 64bit Linux version on Ubuntu 14.x... The Linux machine is a virtual machine running on Hyper-V. It does not have graphics hardware acceleration, but it has two CPU cores and 4GB of RAM assigned, which should be enough (on the host are way more resources available). I connect via RDP to the machine (installed xRDP and XFCE to get this working). I am able to run Spriter; I can create a new project from a directory... all sprites are properly loaded. The frame window appears white right from the beginning; the vertical and horizontal lines that illustrate the center of the view
  2. I downloaded and installed Spriter_r6_1 on my workstation, which is a Windows 10 Pro 64bit machine... When I tried to start the application it gives me the error that "vcomp100.dll" is missing; since I am a Windows developer as well, I know that this means some C++ runtime file is missing... so, I just searched for the Visual Studio 2010 C++ runtime files setup, that let me know, that the runtime is already installed. Since you´re not pointing out different downloads for 32bit and 64bit Windows (like you do for Linux) I assume that the Windows version is still 32bit (shame on you guys). I
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